Make Sure Your Home Has Backup Power During an Emergency

We offer portable and backup generator installation services in and around Longs & Little River, SC

Going without power for a sustained amount of time isn't just uncomfortable - it can also be hazardous. Don't get stuck without power due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances. Let the pro at Bishop Electrical LLC in Longs & Little River, SC provide you with portable generator installation services.

We'll give you a free over-the-phone estimate and schedule a time for installation. We'll also provide a free interlock kit with your generator installation. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Get peace of mind during a disaster

When you schedule backup generator services, you can rest at ease knowing your home systems will continue to run efficiently even if you're not there. After your portable generator installation, your home will automatically maintain power through the generator if the electricity goes out.

Turn to Bishop Electrical for backup generator services in Longs & Little River, SC or the surrounding area. Call 978-387-9996 today to schedule service.